Water Hybrid Cars – How to Break the Ever Increasing Cost of Insane Fuel Price Rises

Water hybrid cars give us a glimmer of hope against such depressing news as the big oil giants showing massive profits, while the motorist pays around £5 a gallon for petrol in England and over $5 a gallon for gas in the States, along with the ever increasing concerns of toxic exhaust fumes polluting the environment it comes as a welcome break to hear of a technology that can actually reverse the trend and allow all of us to enjoy a respite from these insane fuel prices.

Hydrogen hybrid fuel technology is one of the emerging energy technologies as well as hydrogen fuel cell technology, wave energy, tidal energy biomass fuels, wind and solar energy, that we have become familiar with during the last 10 years, are becoming the energy technologies of the 21st century.

We now know what devastating effect burning fossil fuels is having on climatic systems globally as carbon dioxide, methane gas and other toxin particles bathe the atmosphere and create all manner of natural disasters in their wake. Amongst the predicted calamities by the International Energy Agency due to a world increase in the use of coal are of decrease in major crops in China by up to 37%. We are leaving a whirlwind for our children to have to face unless we all do our part

Some of the new energy technologies are still at the point where there costs are high but with stories like the fully solar Zephyr unmanned aerial vehicle flying for 54 hours during tests, Kylie Minogue selling her eco friendly home and Boeing launching their first manned flight on a hydrogen powered airplane later this year, we have reason to hope that major energy changes are on the way.

However while we are waiting for these technologies to become the ultimate source of all our energy needs there is one way that most of us can make a significant difference NOW without spending a huge amount of money. That is by turning our fuel thirsty vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, & Lorries) into hybrid vehicles (water hybrid cars) that run on both water and fuel. This still leaves some toxic emissions but the emission levels are greatly reduced as the electrolysis splits the water into its individual components of hydrogen and oxygen gases, which when mixed with the fuel catabolizes the size of the fuel molecules to fully burn (sing less fuel per mile/kilometer) rather than to only partially burn leaving a huge 75%-80% toxic waste residue that is currently now the poisonous exhaust emissions that come out of our tail pipes. Most of the residue from using water hybrid technology is water vapor which provides for a much cleaner atmosphere and a cleaner more efficient engine.

Water Technology is not a New Technology

Water technology systems were extensively used in the early 1940’s. The B52 bomber worked on a water fuel injection system to generate enough power to get the plane off the ground, cool down plane engines, save on fuel and on engine maintenance during the second world war.

Back in 1990 patents were granted for various versions of water hybrid technology plans and since that time these systems have been experimented and tested on various types of machinery not only vehicles. What has come about is that there is an influx of internet companies who have taken time to research through all the old drawings, schematic plans in the public domain, and put together various options of do-it-yourself designs. There are a few differences in the different designs but basically they all work on the principle of building simple systems, with normal everyday tools, to create receptacles that allow electrodes to break down water into its individual gas components. This is often referred to as HH0 (or brown water) and is done by using the power of the car’s battery. The final product is delivered into the engine where it is mixed with the fuel.

This is GREAT as it opens up the opportunity for many people to take advantage of this technology and there is, of course, a new industry emerging where you can buy these water converter kits ready-made and have them installed in your cars, vans or trucks, if you don’t want to do it yourself. This is still a much cheaper option than having to buy a very expensive new hydrogen car and the more people that convert their cars the greater will be the benefit to the environment.

To give you an idea of the efficiency of this system unlike the vintage steam cars of the early 20th century, which used massive amounts of water to maintain power, just under 4 liters of water used in an economy car would last for approximately 2700 miles and the fossil fuel economy would be anywhere from a guaranteed 10% – 50% saving. Many people have experienced greater results than that with some as high as 85%. This is a sustainable system that allows for a free source of energy. Simply by collecting rain water in the garden will give you enough water to power your water hybrid cars for years.

Taking advantage of and encouraging others to take advantage of this simple technology is a sure way to beat the ever increasing fuel costs that we are burdened with as well as decreasing the dangerous toxic engine exhaust emissions that blight so many of our peoples health.

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Source by Karen A Graham

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