These are the Worst Infotainment Systems of all Time

A photo of the center console in an Acura car.

Photo: Acura

“The dual screen Acura infotainment, that they’ve now replaced (thank god). It’s bad in every single way. My experience with this system has made me a vehement detractor of touchscreen climate controls, and I vocally forbid any family members I can from buying a car with them.

“We had a 2007 mdx, and to replace it, I suggested to my parents that we get the next gen MDX, which at the time (fall 2016) just got the new nine-speed transmission. A few days later, they randomly went and bought one without having me or my sisters try it out. If I saw the infotainment system beforehand, I would have dragged my parents out of the dealership.

“Simple stuff out of the way, the climate controls are in the lower touchscreen. The screen is slow to respond, laggy, and dims randomly. It takes close to 15-20 seconds for the screen to start working after the car starts. Every function within the screen opens a window, that then needs to be closed if you want to do anything else, like control Bluetooth or the radio. For some reason, those can’t be controlled with the upper screen and click wheel. The temperature is controlled with switches but they are super slow and changing the temperature takes several seconds. This system was designed by raccoons.

“Then there’s the rest of the infotainment system. It’s also bad. The navigation is ass, and the click wheel is a horribly slow way to control the map. The bluetooth is unreliable, and takes super long to connect. God forbid you try to do that on the go. Not only does the system lock you out when you’re moving, but it stops the process and forces you to restart, something is does with many other functions. The clock, the ONLY clock in the car, is in the upper screen. If you turn the upper screen off, your clock is gone. The font is classic Honda and the graphics all suck. Absolute garbage all around.”

This sounds like a nightmare!

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