The Use of Eco Friendly Oil Boilers

It prove as efficient as the gas boilers in heating both water and home. The use of it fired by oil is on the rise these days with the increasing awareness of a greener environment and lesser pollution. Compared to the other boilers like electric and gas, the boilers fired by oil are less expensive and environment friendly.

The Various Types and Uses of Oil Boilers

It is many types but the most commonly used ones are:

System boilers: Large in size, it is quite efficient for various domestic uses. It consists of a hot water storage tank like the regular boilers. In the case of system boilers, all the components of the boiler like the safety valve, expansion vessel, pump and so forth are in-built in the boiler. This makes it easier to install and maintain.

Conventional or regular boilers: The regular boilers are most appropriate for large families as it contains a hot water storage tank. The storage tank stores hot water till it is required. Efficiency in flow rates is an added advantage of these boilers as hot water can be easily supplied to various appliances at the same time. The regular oil boilers can also be installed outdoors which makes it a more desirable product among households.

Combination boilers: These boilers heat water instantly when the boiler is switched on with the water getting heated as it flows through the boilers. Thus the flow of hot water is relatively slow making it quiet inappropriate for large families.

The oil boilers are most preferred due to its safe and clean usage. Similar to gas boilers in its efficiency, these boilers are relatively cheaper as it requires paraffin or kerosene to burn. Apart from heating water, these boilers are used to heat the entire home in winters.

Advantages of Using Oil Boilers

In addition to cost efficiency and higher functional properties, the boiler fired by oil has a positive impact on the environment. Unlike the gas boilers, these boilers require a lesser amount of energy as a result it emits lesser amount of carbon into the environment. With the inclusion of the bio diesel in oil, the pollution is comparatively much lesser than burning just oil. Waste oil or recycled oil can also be used in these boilers.

The oil boilers are extensively used in areas where there is shortage of natural gas. Natural gas is expensive compared to the oil used for firing the boilers.

Nevertheless the boilers, which use oil, require proper maintenance and cleaning. The latest boilers include vent dampers which prevent the heat from escaping through the vents. As these boilers can be placed on the outside, it saves a lot of space in the kitchens and also paves way for an easier and cleaner way of installation.

With the increased use of oil boilers, exporters experience an increased demand for the same in the global market. The size, efficiency and the cost of the boiler should be considered while purchasing a good boiler.

Source by Anamika Swami

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