Need help recovering my Bitcoin wallet and what can I cleanup on bitcoin-qt?


I’ve bought Bitcoin back in 2014 and as my wallet I’ve used the bitcoin-qt client. Now I’ve remembered about it and I’ve recovered the wallet.dat file, but it’s apparently encrypted by me (using bitcoin-qt) and I only remember what word was used for it, but not the whole password.

What I tried is downloading the bitcoin-qt client and tried unlocking the wallet via the console with walletpassphrase "passwordhere" 60 but the password is never correct. I did this offline though.

So my questions would be:

  • Can I somehow recover my password? Is there maybe a weakness in the encryption or something like that? I found a RPC password in a file, is that helpful in any way to unlock it?
  • Is it safe to delete the blockchain? If yes, which folders/files? That old PC of mine is lacking space apparently and it certainly can’t fit the whole blockchain of today.
  • Could it be that being offline caused the wrong password prompt?
  • How could I possibly recover my public address of the wallet? I can see the transaction times, but the not the address apparently.
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