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It will take 22 years to close SDG gender data gaps


Of the 193 countries who committed to Agenda 2030, no one country has all the data available on gender-specific SDG indicators. If we continue at the historical average annual rate of increase of 3 percentage points, it will take 22 years for countries to make all SDG gender data available, more than a decade past the 2030 deadline for the SDGs.

Mexico, Armenia, Belarus, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Albania, Panama and Zimbabwe currently have the most SDG gender data available. Applying country-specific rates of progress between 2019 and 2022, these countries would be able to make available all SDG gender data before 2030, except for Costa Rica. Even this is not good enough. To take programmatic and policy actions towards achieving our 2030 targets, we need gender data now.  

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