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Daughters Are Not A Charity Case To Be Raised And ‘Given Away’ To A Stranger!


Girls are the life of their parents, the soul of the house and the blessings of God. They can never be a burden for parents. They are precious. They are like a cool morning breeze, warm sunshine in the afternoon, and relaxation at night.

Then why are they considered a charity case?

‘Start saving for her marriage’

Whenever a girl is born in a family, the first thing considered is her marriage. They are treated her as a liability. For example, “Start saving, you have a daughter now. You have to save money for her marriage.”

I want to talk about the traditions and customs followed by us since ancient times, like ‘kanyadan’, which is performed by the parents of the bride. In this ritual, the parents put the hand of their daughter into the hand of the groom, to convey that now she is his. They literally surrender their rights as parents of a human being, and it is considered a very proud moment and is also called the “kanyadan mahadan”.

Why do we follow such outdated customs even today?

I just don’t understand what this ritual leads to. It openly implies that us girls are just a charity case. I feel it’s ridiculous to accept this. The parents are donating their daughters openly and proudly. Why? What’s the need for such a custom? Is it any less than human trafficking?

I really feel very depressed, when I think about it. Why do we always follow such customs, rituals and traditions in which the self respect of a girl is compromised? The answer is because we survive in a male dominated society and so we have to accept the rules and customs enforced by them.

Times are changing now. We have to take cautious measures to make society free of such malpractices and keep the dignity of our girls intact. Only then can we show our girls that they are no more a burden for us but they are the beats of our hearts, the apple of our eyes and peace of our souls.

Thank You.

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