6 Ways To Power A House: Which Is For You?

Although, there are many options and possibilities, there are, probably, 6 predominant choices/ options, most often seen, in terms of, how, most of us, power our houses! Each method may have, both, some advantages, as well as disadvantages, but, when the current price of oil, and natural gas, are, both projected, this winter, to be, at, or near, record – highs, doesn’t it make sense, for a homeowner, to gather, as much knowledge, as possible, in order to maximize his possibility, to proceed, in the wisest, personal, realistic, responsible manner? With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these 6 options, and their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Oil heat: Oil heat is, one of the largest sources, especially, in the Northeast part, of the United States. The principal, advantage, may be, convenience, because, it may be, already, in a particular house. In addition, it is, usually, rather – simple, to get timely, regular deliveries. Unfortunately, prices, often, fluctuate, greatly, and, we are presently, in a near – record – high, price – point! In addition, this option, is, in the longer – term, obviously, based on using a fossil fuel, and, has concerning impacts, in terms of the environment, climate, and clean ait needs!

2. Gas heat: In recent years, many have converted, formerly, houses, heated, by oil, to natural gas systems! Often, there have been some price advantages, over the price of oil, but, many are predicting, a concerning, large price increase this heating system, in the costs. The advantages include: automatic deliveries, cleaner air; and, usually, quieter, etc. The disadvantages include: dependency on fossil fuel; potential (although, rare), malfunctions, causing gas – related, deaths/ tragedies; and, it isn’t available, in all areas!

3. Electric heat: In some regions, electric heat is dominant. Usually, we see this in warmer climates, or, in areas, where there is no gas, and oil deliveries, may be difficult, etc! Electric is cleaner, quiet, but, also, often, creates an uncomfortable, dry – air, environment, which many find, uncomfortable! Depending on area, it may be expensive, and, whether it is truly, helpful, depends on the method used by the specific, local electic utility company, to generate their power supplies!

4. Geo – thermal: In many areas, the land and local environmental components, and specific terrain, makes geo – thermal, a wise, clean, relatively, inexpensive alternative. However, since, few existing houses, have this system, it would require an additional investment, and the right set of conditions, to benefit, fully!

5. Solar: If, one has the right set of circumstances/ conditions, including: a relatively, sunny environment; a south – facing, unobstructed roof; and, especially, if there are tax benefits, solar energy, may be a terrific solution. Some choose this approach, to fully heat, their homes, while others, do so, to heat water, etc, only. Although, purchasing and installing the best, most appropriate system, may be, initially, expensive, there are now a variety of alternative approaches, which might ease, much of that financial burden.

6. Some combination: Some prefer to have some sort of complimentary, combination of sources, such as combining an existing oil system, with solar, etc. Having all the necessary protections and back – ups, to handle, as many ramifications, as possible, is important, and provides, greater, peace – of – mind!

A major cost of home ownership is heating it! The more, you know, learn, and understand, about the advantages and disadvantages, as well as possibilities, available, the better positioned, you will be, to make the wisest decisions, for your personal circumstances!

Source by Richard Brody

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